Is Your Ignition Coil Failing?

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Audi Ignition Coil Problems

As every Audi owner already knows, these luxury import cars are a pleasure to drive. For over 100 years, this German auto manufacturer has produced legendary vehicles with optimal power, performance, safety, and handling. However, Audi vehicles are not without their fair share of problems. One issue these import cars can experience is failing ignition coils.

An ignition coil is a component that increases the voltage of your battery charge to create enough power to ignite the fuel and turn on the engine. If your Audi’s ignition coil is faulty, it can lead to many problems.

That’s why knowing the signs of a failing ignition coil is important. If you notice any of the following symptoms, call the ASE-certified Audi repair mechanics at TRUE-Riverside Automotive in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, today.

Symptoms of a Failing Audi Ignition Coil

If your Audi is experiencing any of these issues, it may have a bad ignition coil. Book an Audi repair appointment with the car care specialists at TRUE-Riverside Automotive if you see any of these three red flags:

Loss of Power

Does it seem like your Audi struggles to get up and running? A loss of power could indicate a failing ignition coil. It will produce insufficient sparks, making it challenging for your engine to perform optimally.

Engine Misfires

Another sign of a failing ignition coil is if your Audi’s engine is misfiring. Call our ASE-certified technicians today if you notice your luxury car is shuddery, vibrating, has a rough idle, or feels suddenly out of rhythm.

Poor Fuel Efficiency

Are you stopping at the pump much more than usual? If your Lexus has poor fuel efficiency, a failing ignition coil may be to blame. That’s because the spark plugs don’t receive enough charging power from the battery, letting more unburned fuel escape your exhaust system.

Superior Audi Repair Solutions

If your Audi is experiencing any of these symptoms, contact the ASE-certified mechanics at TRUE-Riverside Automotive in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. For over 30 years, we have provided superior car care solutions to our clients and stand behind our work with a 36,000-mile/three-year warranty. To learn more or to book your Audi repair appointment, contact us today by calling (970) 945-6447. You can also visit us in person at 2100 Devereux Rd Glenwood Springs, CO 81601. We will efficiently repair your ignition coil and quickly get you back on the road. We hope to hear from you soon!

Written by TRUE Automotive-Riverside