Maximize Your Honda’s Performance

Superior Honda Repairs

Make Your Honda More Powerful

Hondas are superior cars and are hailed for their power, performance, safety, and reliability. However, as the miles rack up on your car’s odometer, it might not operate as efficiently as it used to. To keep your Honda Civic or Accord running at its best, you must properly maintain it. That includes getting any necessary repairs. Not only will this drastically extend the life of your car, but it will enhance its performance.

Looking for a team of Honda repair experts? Contact the ASE-certified mechanics at TRUE-Riverside Automotive in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Honda owners have trusted our expertise and auto repair solutions for over 33 years.

Frequent Repairs to Enhance Performance

While you might not be able to capture the same power as when your Honda first rolled off the showroom floor, several Honda repairs can improve its performance. These include:

Engine Repair and Maintenance: Your Honda’s engine is the heart of its capabilities. If your engine has issues, it can lead to a loss of power, fuel efficiency, and more. Changing your Honda’s oil every 6,000 miles or six months is crucial. If you notice your engine making knocking sounds or overheating, get it inspected by an experienced mechanic immediately.

New Tires: A new set of shoes can maximize your Honda’s steering and handling. This is especially true during snowy Colorado winters. If your tires are balding, have worn treads, or have bubbles, replace them sooner rather than later. This also significantly reduces your risk of an auto accident.

Suspension Repair: Want a more comfortable ride? If you feel every bump in the road, it might be time for your Honda to get suspension repairs. This improves your car’s ability to absorb the shock of the highway, making your ride much smoother. It also enhances your steering stability and handling.

Shocks and Struts: Do you think your Honda needs new shocks or struts? Replacing these components can improve braking and turning. Your Honda will also feel much less jerky.

High-Quality Honda Repairs in Glenwood Springs

The ASE-certified Honda repair technicians at TRUE-Riverside Automotive in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, will help keep your Honda running at peak performance for years to come. We offer many Honda repair services, including brake repair, tune-ups, wheel alignments, engine repair, and more. To schedule your appointment, contact us today by calling (970) 945-6447. We’ll keep your Honda running stronger for longer!

Written by TRUE Automotive-Riverside