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The automotive industry is quickly changing. Gone are the days of just gas-powered vehicles on the road. Now, many automakers are taking an eco-friendly approach to their inventory and offering more hybrid or electric vehicle (EV) options. Whether they drive a Prius or a Tesla, hybrid and EV owners love the dependability and fuel efficiency of these innovative vehicles. However, as with traditional combustion engine cars, hybrids and electric vehicles need to be properly taken care of. If you neglect your hybrid’s preventive maintenance services or ignore a potential problem, it can lead to trouble down the road. To keep your hybrid optimally performing, take it to the ASE-certified mechanics at TRUE Automotive in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Our hybrid/EV repair specialists have the tools, training, and techniques to efficiently repair your hybrid car. Whether you need a new hybrid battery, or your oxygen sensors inspected, our hybrid service specialists have you covered.