Why Is My Hybrid Battery Dying?

What You Need to Know

Causes of Dying Hybrid Batteries

Owning a hybrid vehicle comes with many benefits. Whether you drive a Toyota Prius or a Lexus NX hybrid, these cars can save you money at the pump and reduce your carbon footprint. However, hybrid vehicles do have drawbacks. You’ll have to replace your hybrid car’s battery at some point. While most hybrid batteries last eight to ten years or 100,000 miles, a few things can make it die sooner rather than later. Knowing the culprits behind dying hybrid batteries is essential to avoid them.

Common causes of a dying hybrid battery include:

Not driving your hybrid vehicle regularly. You should drive your car for at least 60 minutes weekly for optimal battery life.

Your battery has an extremely low capacity.

Your battery terminals or B+ connectors are loose.

The vehicle isn’t sufficiently charging the battery while you’re driving.

Components drain the battery while your vehicle is idle.

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Signs You Need a New Hybrid Battery

In addition to understanding the reasons behind a dying hybrid battery, you should also know the warning signs that your battery is reaching the end of its life. A few signs your hybrid battery is dying include:

If the red triangle, vehicle stability control (VSC), and check engine light are all illuminated on your dashboard.

If your hybrid has an erratic engine input, including running for longer than usual or suddenly shutting down.

You notice a decrease in your hybrid car’s fuel economy.

You hear weird sounds from under the hood, including continuously running fans.

If your car has charging issues, including overcharging or undercharging.

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Complete Hybrid Repair Services

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Written by TRUE Automotive-Riverside